CADMUS®​ International School – New Administrative Capital (CADMUS® NAC) students benefit from a high-quality education that helps them reach their full potential. CADMUS® NAC students learn through the SABIS® Educational System, an integrated, comprehensive, Kindergarten through twelfth grade academic program.

This approach uses dynamic materials, proven methods, and cutting-edge technology to give students a solid foundation of knowledge and essential skills that they can use as a springboard for learning in college and beyond. The skills acquired include creativity, collaboration, confidence, and critical thinking, among others, as well as an ability to engage as independent learners.

Some features of our educational system include:

  • A well-structured, comprehensive curriculum aligned to international and national standards
  • Proven instructional methods that keep students engaged and learning efficiently
  • 3,100+ digital and traditional titles developed by SABIS® and aligned to the curriculum
  • Timely tracking of student performance through regular assessment to identify and fill any learning gaps
  • An enriching and active student life organization
  • Cutting-edge technology in the classroom