Music & Arts


Music is an integral part of our students’ school life. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 are offered a context within which they develop their understanding and love of music.

In music classes, students learn various music theories, the history of music, as well as playing musical instruments (recorders and percussion). We make sure our students are exposed to different types of music, which helps improve their listening skills.

Our talented musicians can showcase their skills at choir concerts as well as the annual music performance shows, which include a classical concert as well as a talent show. Our Kindergarten and Primary School students get to perform twice a year at summer and winter concerts. Talented individuals are also invited to perform in front of their peers at these concerts.


Art is also a very important aspect of school life at CADMUS® NAC. All our students have art classes from Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

The Art curriculum offers students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of artistic genres, encouraging them to develop self-expression while learning a variety of techniques and styles, such as drawing, painting, mosaic, collage, glass painting, stenciling, printing, beading, etc. Students also have the opportunity to participate in several art-related clubs offered by the Student Life Organization (SLO).