Studying at CADMUS® NAC

At CADMUS® NAC, we believe that students learn best when they feel confident, safe, and engaged at school. Our experienced team of staff and teachers are committed to providing an optimal learning environment that nurtures academic achievement and challenges students to reach their full potential.

Academic excellence is at the core of the education offered at CADMUS® NAC. Our students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 receive a premier education in a vibrant, international community that is committed to helping them aim for and achieve their full potential. It is in this inclusive, collaborative environment that we empower our students to succeed in a constantly changing world that requires a variety of skills rooted in academic competencies.

Central to academic life at CADMUS® NAC is the SABIS® Educational System, which includes an international curriculum that provides a foundation for student success. As CADMUS® NAC students advance through the curriculum, their foundation of knowledge expands in breadth and depth and becomes a springboard for future learning.

Starting in Kindergarten and continuing until graduation, the curriculum at CADMUS® NAC covers a broad range of academic subjects. Our curriculum enables students to develop fluency in English, Arabic, and an additional world language of their choice. Strong emphasis is placed on English and math, as well as the sciences in Secondary School, where our students prepare for external exams such as the British-based IGCSEs, and the U.S.-based Advanced Placement® (AP®) program. Social studies, music, fine arts, physical education, psychology, business and economics studies, computer studies, and a number of non-traditional subjects increasingly relevant for the world of the future, are integrated into the curriculum.

In every subject and at every grade level, our academic approach to learning provides students with a structure that promotes the mastery of essential concepts. Through teaching methods that actively engage students in the learning process, as well as frequent assessment and comprehensive support and follow-up, we help our students achieve success in school and build strong foundations that prepare them for the next level. This highly effective approach provides a 360° view of individual progress to keep students, teachers, and parents informed at all times, as well as motivates and involves students in a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

Additionally, CADMUS® NAC recognizes that in an ever-evolving world, qualities and skills such as leadership, critical thinking, communication, perseverance, grit, creativity, and teamwork are among the keys to success now and later in life. For this reason, embedded into the curriculum at CADMUS® NAC is a strong, student-led component of the school day. The Student Life Organization promotes participation in a wide variety of activities, giving CADMUS® NAC students the opportunity to experience, practice, and develop this broad set of coveted life skills.